Apostille services in india

In order to travel to certain countries that have joined the Apostille section of The Hague Convention, documents submitted to the MEA need to have an Apostille certification as well. By getting the Apostille certification, the visiting country accepts the documents as legal and authentic. The Apostille stamp is a square shaped computer generated stamp which is pasted on the reverse of the concerned document by the MEA. The stamp carries a unique Identification number which can be verified online by the receiving country. By having such a stamp, the document is considered to be authentic, legal and approved by the concerned External Affairs Ministry of the visiting country. Once a particular document is Apostilled, it no longer needs any further attestation from any Embassy/Consulate.

Currently, there are over 110 countries that are a part of the Apostille convention and accept an Apostille stamp as a legitimate practice.

Our team of expert advisors help in getting your documents Apostilled without much hassles. We help you prepare in advance about the requirements for completing the Apostille thereby saving precious time.


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