Chamber of Commerce services in india

The Chamber of Commerce attestation is required for commercial documents. The Chamber of Commerce attestation is required when an Indian company wishes to export certain goods to outside nations. Attestation is required on documents like commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, Phytosanitary (health) certificate and others. In cases where an Indian company intends to open a branch abroad, then other documents like Memorandum of Articles, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney etc also are required to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

Getting the commercial documents certified or attested by the concerned Chamber of Commerce is the first step to proceed for attestation from the ministry of external affairs and finally from the concerned countries Embassy or Consulate present in India.

With a decade long experience of working closely with multiple Chambers of Commerce in the country, ICT India is at the forefront of facilitating such attestations. We have a long list of organisations, who have availed our services and have found the experience exceeding their expectations.