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Before migrating to certain countries, it is important to have documents authenticated by the concerned home departments of the issuing states. These documents could be certificates of birth, marriage, affirmations, work experience declarations, driving license etc. Our well established network of experts help in getting declaration authentication from the various agencies like State Education Departments, Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs and the various embassies/consulates of countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and other gulf nations.

We are known for providing quality services to students intending to study abroad. We are also the official representatives of multiple foreign universities in India. Besides offering the best-in-class certificate attestation service, we are also known for our reasonable prices. No wonder we have a history where multiple students have secured admissions to the institutes of their choice across the world.

Unlike students, business documents have to be verified by the local Chamber of Commerce before they are submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi. As a standard procedure, the concerned Chamber of Commerce’s approval along with the name and designation of the authorizing signatory is compulsory before submitting the documents to the MEA. The MEA checks the documents closely, verifying the approvals given by the state governments/union territories and the Chamber of Commerce before approving it.

Our team of experts is qualified to handle the requirements for both students and businessman alike.


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