UAE Embassy attestation services in india

Once the documents are certified by the concerned authorities in the home country (MEA in case of India), they also need to be certified by the UAE Embassy where the documents were issued. Only after the attestation of the UAE Embassy are such documents considered as valid in UAE. Here, the application has to be made by the individual with the original document and photo copies to the concerned UAE Embassy in person. Only when the official seal of the UAE Embassy is placed on such documents, are these considered valid.

The concerned document needs to be notarized first followed by the attestation by the local Home Department of the concerned state. Post this, the document is attested by the MEA and lastly submitted to the New Delhi based UAE embassy for its final attestation. The entire process may be a bit confusing and overwhelming for an individual, unless some expert guides them through it. ICT has a network of facilitators who are familiar and well versed with the entire process of UAE Embassy Attestation thereby saving on time and effort both.

Generally, the documents that require UAE Embassy attestation are Birth certificate, Education certificates, Experience certificate, Divorce/Marriage certificate and many such other personal documents. Besides personal documents, even commercial documents need to undergo the UAE embassy attestation to be considered authentic.